Community Input Survey

Community Input Survey

We need your input! Take our brief online survey and tell us how you use the section of JFK Boulevard between Pavonia Avenue and St. Paul’s Avenue, and what improvements you would like to see in the future. Data collected from these surveys will be used to develop potential alternatives for rehabilitating or replacing the roadway. Please take a few minutes to share your ideas and suggestions. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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    Community Input Survey

    1. How often do you use this section of JFK (Kennedy) Blvd. in a month?

    Everyday (20-30 days)Often (11-19 days)Sparingly (5-10 days)Seldom (1-4 days)Never

    2. Do you use public transportation in this area?


    3. If so, what type of public transportation do you use?

    NJ TransitPath TrainCiti BikePrivate BusNot ApplicableOther

    4. How is this study important to you - your involvement/representation? Check all that apply.

    Resident or commuter (how do you use this section of JFK (Kennedy) Blvd. for travel, local or regional)Type of mobility and access (local use - walking, biking, transit)Economic interest (business owner, chamber of commerce member)Social service provider (non-profit agency, house of worship, human resources)Historic features of interest (member of historical society or organization)Other

    5. What are the key issues in the study area as you see them? Check all that apply.


    6. Are there any organizations or individuals you would suggest we contact as possible stakeholders?

    7. Any other comments, questions or suggestions about the project?

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