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Project Overview

About the Project

Hudson County in coordination with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) are conducting an LCD study to determine appropriate improvements to JFK (Kennedy) Blvd. from Pavonia Avenue to St. Paul’s Avenue. The project goals are to enhance safety and improve operations for all modes of transportation.  Similar efforts were undertaken on other portions of JFK (Kennedy) Boulevard; one of the projects abuts the southern limit of this project.

Communication with the local officials, stakeholders, road users and community will be necessary to advise on the need of the project and the impacts that they may encounter on this heavily used roadway.

Local Capital Project Delivery Program (LCPD)

The LCD Study is the first phase for federally funded transportation improvement projects. The LCPD Program provides funding to NJTPA sub regions—the 15 city and county members of the NJTPA—to prepare proposed transportation projects for eventual construction with federal funding.

This preparation involves completing the multi-step Capital Project Delivery Process developed by NJDOT. This process is designed to streamline project development and provide a common and consistent framework for federally funded projects at the local, regional and state level.

Local Capital Project Delivery Process

1. Local Concept Development 2. Local Preliminary Engineering 3. Final Design/ROW Acquisition 4. Construction
Purpose & Need Statement Approved Design Exception Report Construction Contract Documents & PS&E Package Completed Construction
Data Collection & Environmental Screening Report Cost Estimates (Final Design, ROW & Construction) Environmental Reevaluations As-Built
Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative Approved Environmental Document Environmental Permits Update & Finalize Design Communications Report
Concept Development Report Approved Project Plan Acquisition on ROW Close-out Documentation
NEPA Classification Preliminary Engineering Report Update Design Communications Report  
Create Design Communications Report Update Design Communications Report    
Initial Public Outreach & Involvement Continued Public Outreach & Involvement Continued Public Outreach & Involvement Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

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